The Prestige of Saito Consensus

In this video we offer a short introduction (six-minutes) to the problems that Saito solves and provide a high-level overview of how Saito Consensus works. You can find a shorter 1-page text summary on our Saito Wiki. This video is not a replacement for the whitepaper as we have to simplify the presentation of the problem and solution, but it is intended to give newcomers a sense of the overall approach that SAITO takes to scaling blockchain and how the network is fundamentally different from POW and POS designs.

The other nice thing? We get to frame Saito Consensus with another tribute to the director whose name is honoured as the smallest unit of Saito (“the Nolan”). If this you like this approach and enjoyed the film, be sure to see our other video on what Inception can teach us about incentive misalignments in blockchain.

Questions? Comments? If you’ve got suggestions or concerns or feedback please feel welcome to get in touch — we’re an open community and you can find us most days in our Saito Telegram or Discord groups, or hanging out at the Saito Arcade.

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