What Inception can teach us about blockchain.

Most people believe that scaling a blockchain is a technical problem. This isn’t at all true — the problem is economic. This can be hard to understand in a world where the dominant way of understanding blockchain comes from computer scientists who do not engage with the economics and have no idea how to scale economic systems.

In this short presentation we offer a better way to think about these problems. Fascinatingly, this is the same approach to problem solving offered in the film Inception, which is why our video starts by exploring some of the more subtle themes in Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece before using them to explain how to scale a blockchain without adding poisonous trade-offs.

Talking about actual economics is always a challenge in the blockchain space, but more and more people are aware there is a solution to scaling, and this is it. If you’ve got questions, suggestions or feedback on the video or the solution it offers please feel welcome to get in touch — you can find us most days in the Saito Telegram or Discord groups, or hanging out on Saito in our Blockchain Arcade.

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