Saito Tech Team Update #2

Saito-rust is progressing well and we’re happy to see that the community is engaging with our process. It’s very helpful to have fresh eyes on the project. This is especially important for a blockchain codebase.

Saito-Lite continues to be the backbone of our current testnet. We’re continuing to build cool new features that will form the building blocks of the Saito DAPP ecosystem.

Saito-Rust has a lot of new code:

  • The Keypair class has been added (Secp256k1), this can produce addresses and sign and verify messages, including transactions.
  • Runtime data structures for Slips, Transactions, and Blocks have been added to saito-rust along with some basic functionality.
  • Burnfee algorithm(Saito Routing Work Difficulty) has been added.
  • Mempool(block production) has been added.
  • Blockchain class(for managing longest chain, rollbacks, block caching) basic structure has been complete.
  • Investigation of various encoding techniques is in progress on the serialization branch. Currently under consideration are serde/bincode, protobufs, and custom encoding.

All the new rust code can be seen on github, of course.

Saito-Lite has shipped cool new features that allow DAPPs to interact with other cryptocurrencies.

The Substrate Crypto Modules have gone through QA and are now live on and available to be used by DAPP developers.

Poker and Blackjack have been updated to work with Crypto Modules.

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