Saito Open Infrastructure Proof of Concept

Saito was proud to participate in Dorahack’s Substrate Hackathon in late 2020. Although “we” were basically a team of one, we took 3rd prize and built an interesting proof of concept on top of our grant from the Web3 Foundation.

As Milestone 1 for our grant, we’re building an interface to allow Saito’s DAPP Platform to integrate with Polkadot, which we refer to in the grant as the “Saito Polkadot API Module”. The major feature we’re actually delivering for this milestone is an abstract module called AbstractCryptoModule which could be used to integrate Saito with any other blockchain.

On the horizon, there is also a possibility of extending these modules to support what we call Saito Open Infrastructure. Saito Open Infrastructure would allow DAPP developers and DAPP users to run or interact with arbitrary blockchain endpoints which are serviced by being routed through Saito’s Open Network Layer. The prototype we built for Dorahack’s Substrate Hackathon was an example of this technique. For some details on this technique and the possibility of leveraging this in the future, we’ve recorded a recap of the hackathon presentation.

The benefit of routing your transactions through Saito is that this enables endpoints to be monetized in an open and decentralized way. For example, if someone wanted to run an Ethereum node, service it through a Saito Open Infrastructure scheme, Dockerize it, and open source the entire project, this would help solve the Infura problem.

If you’re in the Polkadot ecosystem and think this technique could be useful for your project, we’re ready to assist you. We hope you enjoy the presentation.

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