How to Buy SAITO on Uniswap

Saito is now live on UNISWAP. If you’re an advanced user and just want the raw information it is here:

Please do not search for “SAITO” by keyword as scammers have created fake tokens to target our community. If you have any questions, you can find us online at or on Twitter at @SaitoOfficial or Telegram @SaitoIO.

How to Buy SAITO

Uniswap is pretty easy to use. To get started install Metamask and fund your Metamask wallet with Ethereum (ETH). Then visit and pull up the ETH-SAITO pair. To do this provide this token address: 0xFa14Fa6958401314851A17d6C5360cA29f74B57B in the box provided. This will pull up the SAITO-ETH pair and allow you to buy and sell SAITO by spending ETH.

DON’T FORGET: be sure to click on the “gears” controls and set your “Slippage Tolerance” to something higher like 4%. And set your “Transaction Deadline” to 2 minutes at minimum as if you go for lower your transaction could persistently fail. If your transactions seem to be taking a long time or have problems let us know in our group chat.


  • Ticker: SAITO
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO Token Price: 1 SAITO = 0.004 USD


WhitelistingApril 8th – April 14th
Polkastarter Pool and Private Sale participants KYCcloses April 22 2AM UTCParticipants should KYC if they wish to receive SAITO on IDO day
Token deployed and mintedThree billion SAITO will be minted as ERC-20 Tokens, representing 30% of the total network
Token address announcedimmediately prior to pool launchToken address will be announced on and Twitter
Polkastarter Pool goes liveApril 22
Polkastarter pool will release 100 million SAITO at $0.004 per SAITO
Uniswap pair address announcedPair address announced on and Twitter
Uniswap Pair Created ETH-SAITO pair created on Uniswap
Uniswap Live2PM UTC (est)
Polkastarter Pool dispersed2:30PM
Private Sale Tokens dispersed3:30PM

Saito Tokenomics

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