Saito Developer Tutorials

This tutorial series is designed to get you started developing Saito applications, but also serve as a general introduction to how Saito works as an application platform. Additional tutorials and documentation are forthcoming, questions and comments are always welcome on Telegram or by email.

Saito applications run directly in user browsers and interact with each other through both on-chain and off-chain signed messaging. You can develop blockchain applications without smart contracts, centralised API providers, access keys or other cruft. The tutorials below cover the basics needed to start development.

Our first tutorial takes about five minutes to complete. It explains how to deploy a simple application to the network that attaches data to transactions and broadcasts them into the network. Our second tutorial covers how to listen for transactions and process them on receipt. Then we talk about integrating with other cryptocurrencies.

#1Deploy and Install an Applicationapplication basics
publish and install
#2Chat Notification Applicationreceive transactions
process transactions
#3Polkadot and Other Cryptocurrenciescheck balance
send transactions