What is Saito?

Saito is a new class of blockchain designed for applications that need to send massive amounts of data across an untrusted network. In the future you’ll use Saito to run decentralized social networks, pay-to-play websites, distributed payment channels and much more.

We have a few quick video introductions on our sidebar. But if you’re interested in moving beyond the basics and understanding how Saito works you really need knowledge of both (1) blockchain technology, and (2) economics. For those willing to do a bit of reading, we have four somewhat non-technical write-ups that answer the four major questions we think are important for understanding Saito:

Why do we want a blockchain that can handle petabytes of data?
How does proof-of-transactions work on a technical level?
Why does proof-of-transactions work on an economic level?
When is proof-of-transactions better than proof-of-work?

With that said, there is no better way to get started with Saito than to launch our email client, create an account and start playing around. Saito is free to get started with and easy to use. Once you’ve played around with the software for a bit you’ll have a lot better sense of what we are doing and why it matters.

Saito’s killer features:

  • Anonymous secure connections
  • Diffie-Hellman in the browser or via email
  • Secure browsing without Certificate Authorities
  • Impervious to Man-in-the-Middle attacks
  • A blockchain limited by data-center capacity and network bandwidth alone
  • A platform that makes everything front-end development
  • Data is secure and routing is provided
  • Applications only require logic and / or interfaces
  • Use our online IDE to create an email application in minutes

Want to Help?

Users can support our free-speech applications:

Saito applications look and feel like normal Internet applications but put YOU entirely in control of what you say and do, and ensure that the network cannot censor minority opinions. We are believers in the importance of free speech and invite you to help us drive a stake through the heart of the predatory web by using a better alternative.

Developers can Join our development community:

If you want to build an application on Saito we will help as best we can. Our developer section on this site can walk you through the process of creating your first application, and share tips and techniques on advanced programming techniques. We also have Slack channels, developer resources and programs designed to support people and companies building applications on the Saito network.

Investors can fund next-generation Internet companies:

If you’re looking to get involved with funding the next generation of Internet companies, contact us and we’ll help introduce you to the new and upcoming companies in our space that we believe will displace most of the existing Silicon Valley oligarchy.