We expect to launch a public sale in Q1/2021 that will allow members of the public to purchase tokens for personal use or application deployment. Tokens will be released to the market in limited tranches an escalating price, in a manner similar to that on the diagram below:

A total of 10 percent of the network will be available for sale in this manner, with any unsold tokens at the conclusion of the sale locked-up in a floating Saito coinbase for gradual release to the network over the next few centuries. The remaining tokens will be largely off-market in a floating coinbase (51 percent), and strategic allocations for community (16%) and team (15%) development.

We have chosen this sales mechanism to encourage utility-driven price appreciation in the Saito token, while ensuring that early adopters who put the time into understanding how Saito works benefit disproportionately from their prescience. Restricting the speed at which tokens are released should also help protect price stability and the long-term growth of the network.

As this model affords opportunities to early adopters, we welcome contact from those interested in securing an initial tranche on launch of the public sale. We are happy to work with partners who understand our goals developing the Saito network and who can contribute to raising public awareness of our network and contributing to a successful public sale.