Deploying a node is done by running the appropriate npm scripts.

See the Application/Module Development document on Github for details.

npm run compile dev will compile the Lite Client which can be run in the browser and will give you a wallet and everything else needed to interact with the Saito network. npm start will start up a node which will serve the compiled Lite Client.


Developer documentation and code is on github.

This repository features the canonical node.js implementation of the protocol and Saito Webstack.

Module Tutorials

The simplest way to get started is by implementing a Module in the Lite Client. Our tutorials will help you get started and further instructions are also in the Application/Module Development document on Github. Examples can be found in the /mods directory.


The REST API has been documented and we are continuing to build more tool to support this method of integration. If you prefer to integrate this way, let us know.

Please reach out to us if you have any trouble or questions.