Developer Channels

If you’re a developer please feel welcome to contact us anytime. We prioritize people who are building applications and working on technical problems. We are also in Asia so our hours might be a bit off, but we will try to respond quickly to anyone who reaches out:


David Lancashire –
Richard Parris –





David Lancashire – @trevelyan22
Richard Parris – @richardparris

note: we’re frequently in China and Telegram doesn’t work there. We plan to solve this by using Saito to create ad-hoc, self-organizing mesh networks that use the blockchain layer to handle the exchange of IP-addresses and encryption keys so that TCP/IP can be used to create on-the-fly chat connections, but in the meantime send a fallback email if you can’t connect for any reason.


David Lancashire – 18310399061
Richard Parris – lengzhuxiansheng

note: we understand that WeChat is monitored by the Chinese government. Please don’t send us anything particularly sensitive that you don’t want Jiang Zemin to be reading in his spare time. The same applies for pretty much every communications channel except the one that follows….

Saito Mail:

David Lancashire – david@saito
Richard Parris – richard@saito

note: Saito mail should be considered unreliable until we get the network into testnet stage. The reason for this is that we do not always re-register our addresses after we reset the network. If you need to communicate in a secure encrypted fashion with us we prefer using the Saito network — let us know your address using public email and we can figure out the details.