How to Get Free Tokens from the Saito Faucet

Earn Saito tokens by using the network. The more network activity you generate (playing games, chatting with others, sending emails), the more tokens you will earn from the Saito rewards faucet. It pays to start early: the amount of tokens available is dropping each month.

Referring friends to Saito is another way to boost your earnings. The Saito faucet pays you a bonus every time your referrals earn tokens. These bonus tokens come from the faucet not the tokens earned by your friends, making this a win-win referral system. Here is how to get started.

1. Grab Your Referral Link:

To find your referral link click on the “Rewards” box in the Saito Arcade:

The Saito Arcade will update with a number of things you can do to earn tokens. Users who pay network fees will earn back their tokens faster, so we recommend you get your referrals to do at least one of these activities to get started. The easiest is registering a network username.

2. Share Your Referral Link:

Your referral link is at the bottom of that rewards page – just copy-and-paste it and share it with your friends. Anyone who clicks on that link will tell Saito faucet that you referred them when they join the network. That’s all you need to do.

Getting started with Saito is that simple. Use the network to play games and your account will slowly accumulate tokens. Share your referral link and you’ll get a bonus ten percent of all faucet payouts given to your friends, including tokens they earn from their own referrals.

Be sure to get started soon. Just like Bitcoin mining, the Saito faucet is a mechanism designed to get tokens into general circulation on the network. The amount available will steadily fall over time, so it pays to be an early adopter with Saito.