We are a small team, possessed of some radical notions. We are making blockchains do new and powerful things. We need help from people who are not afraid of a challenge and who can get things done.

Or biggest needs are in three main areas: Technical, Community and Communications. There are lots of opportunities with us, and the work will naturally fit around the skills of the people who join.

Technical Skills

Core Software Development

  • node.js (bcoin and blockchain development)
  • c++, hashmaps, compression, kernel and device driver hacking
  • blockchain protocol and consensus design
  • software architecture

Application Development

  • node.js, js, HTML, CSS, full stack development
  • UX/UI implientation
  • Test automation design


  • Deployment, and Orchestration
  • High availability and hi throughput engineering
  • CI, scritpting and automation
  • Test automation

Product Management

  • Strategy
  • UX/UI design
  • Feature and function definition
  • User engagement
  • Documentation


  • Community management
  • Communications and messaging
  • Evangelism via social, offline and group participation
  • Event management


  • Digital Marketing
  • Content creation
  • Media relations
  • Media placement
  • Speaking and conference participation
  • Event management

If you have any of these skills and are interested in joining our team on a more-than-casual basis, please contact Richard or David.

Richard Parris
David Lancashire