Welcome to the Saito Project

What is Saito?

Saito is a layer-one blockchain that eliminates 51 percent attacks and other economic problems in all proof-of-work and proof-of-stake blockchains. While Saito is not yet available for public purchase, we welcome contact from those who understand why this matters.

Fixing the Economic Layer

Because the incentive issues that Saito solves are poorly understood in technical communities, we encourage those new to Saito to start with our section on economic fundamentals, which discusses the specific market failures that are left unaddressed in other networks, and explains why correcting them requires using a form of work that measures the efficient collection and sharing of transaction fees. Making this change eliminates all reliance on external markets (for hashpower or capital) and eliminates the circular economic attacks those markets create. It also ensures that fees flow naturally to the parts of the network where they are needed the most and that price drift naturally to the lowest levels that guarantee the provision of network services.


For developers interested in building on the network, our developer section contains installation instructions (for getting a local node up-and-running) and a brief tutorial series explaining how to build and deploy your first Saito application. We have designed the first tutorial to take about five minutes of your time from start to finish. Once completed, you can continue working through the series or get in touch.